Mooring Information

Please follow the instructions below for the renewal process. Please direct all questions or concerns to us at 207-558-9140 or

How to Renew Your Mooring Permit
1. Go to your
Online Mooring Home Page by clicking on the link.

2. You will then see your permit listed under "My Applications".

3. Click on the green "Renew" button.

4. You will be brought to your permit application page.

5. Review all information and update anything that needs to be changed. Fields "grayed out" can be changed only by the Harbormaster - contact our office if necessary and we can assist you.

6. When finished, click the "I accept these terms" box and then the green "Save and Continue" at bottom of page.

7. You will then be brought to the payment page where you can choose how to pay for your permit. NOTE: If you have more than one permit and wish to pay online with a credit card, choose the "By credit/debit card, after completing other applications" option. When you have completed all of your renewals, go to your "Home" page (link found on blue tool bar directly below "Online Mooring" header) and click on the shopping cart or "Pay" button and you will be able to pay for all of your permits at once.  Otherwise, we do not recommend choosing this option as it is easy to forget to pay later.

8. After choosing your payment method, press the green "Save and Continue" at bottom of page. You will then either be brought to PayPal (NOTE: you do not have to be PayPal subscriber to use this function) if you choose to pay online or back to your Home Page if you choose to pay by mail, or have more permits to renew. If you have multiple permits and wish to pay by check you can do so on one check but please put your permit numbers in the memo portion of your check.

When your payment has been received and your renewal has been approved by the Harbormaster, you will receive an auto-generated e-mail telling you your mooring has been renewed.

We expect that there may be lots of questions during the adoption of this system, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! The Online Mooring site is efficient and convenient for mooring holders and town employees alike – that’s why it is utilized by most coastal municipalities in Maine.  We wish you all the best this holiday season, and we look forward to seeing you on the water next year!