Property Tax Assistance

senior property tax assistance
The purpose of this program is to provide property tax assistance to residents 70 years of age and over who reside in the Town of Cumberland. Under this program, the Town of Cumberland will provide refund payments to those individuals who maintain a homestead in the Town of Cumberland and meet the established criteria.

Applications for the program are available in late July of each year and Town Officials meet with eligible applicants in August.


In order to participate in the property tax assistance program, an applicant shall demonstrate all of the following:

1. The applicant shall be 70 years of age or more at the time of application.

2. The applicant shall have a homestead in the Town of Cumberland at the time of the application and for the entire year prior to the date of application.

3. The applicant has been a resident of the Town of Cumberland for at least 10 years immediately preceding the date of application for participation in the Program.

4. The applicant shall meet the income application and eligibility criteria set forth in Chapter 261: Article 1 §§ 261-4 and 261-5.

Questions about this program? Please contact the Town Clerk's Office at 829-5559 or by email.