Park Rangers are on site every day, Memorial Day Weekend-Columbus Day Weekend, from 10am-6pm. They will be shuttling residents to and from the upper parking lot.

  • Resident Parking Spaces (Parking Permit Required): There are 5 spaces available for Cumberland residents with parking permits near the drop-off. Parking is only allowed between the posted signs. Residents can receive a parking pass at Town Hall.
  • Handicap Parking: There are 2 handicap spaces available, located near the drop-off area. 
  • Drop-Off: There is a drop-off area near the beach/pier where residents may drop-off people/items.
  • Upper Parking Lot: All non-residents must park in the upper lot. Residents must park in the upper parking lot if the resident parking spaces are occupied.
  • On road parking, outside designated areas, is prohibited.