Meet the Candidates - June 11th Election

Learn more about all candidates, for the June 11th municipal ballot. 


Town Councilor - At-Large (1 seat available)

Mark Franco
I am a life long Maine resident. I grew up in  Portland and graduated from Cheverus High School (’77) and Bowdoin College (’81).  At Bowdoin I was a double major in Economics and Government and Legal Studies. While in college I also attended and studied at the Institute of European Studies in London in the Fall of 1979 and at The American University in Washington DC in the Fall of 1980. I interned at Olympia Snowe’s office in Washington during my Fall semester in 1980. Upon graduation from Bowdoin I attended the University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law and began practicing law in 1984 with Hunt Thompson & Bowie. I left Thompson & Bowie in 2016 and joined Drummond Woodsum.  I continue to practice as a trial attorney with a a focus on insurance defense litigation, municipal defense, professional liability defense, employment law as well as general liability in the areas of premises and auto liability, personal injury, real estate and transportation . I am an experienced and trained mediator. From 1990 to the present I have represented and defended municipalities from Kittery to Fort Kent to Eastport to Portland in state and federal court lawsuits and in the Maine Supreme Judicial Court through the Maine Municipal Association.  I am also licensed to practice law in State and Federal Court in New Hampshire and Vermont. 
My family moved to Falmouth in 1990 and to Cumberland Foreside in 2017.  While a resident of Falmouth I served on the Board of Directors for Falmouth Little League and the Maine Children’s Cancer Program. I also served as President of both organizations. Since moving to Cumberland I have served on the Board of the Val Halla Golf Association (VHGA)and as President of the VHGA in 2020 and 2021. 
My interest in serving on the Cumberland Town Council stems from my interest in community service in general as well as my experience representing municipalities in litigated matters for 35 years. The Town Council plays a pivotal role in not only facilitating the day to day operations of the municipality but more importantly, creating and implementing the future vision of the Town. The Town faces some significant challenges in the years ahead on the issues of funding for existing and future services, property revaluation, affordable housing, school funding and construction, and balancing the need for economic and business development with the desire to maintain the charm of a rural coastal town. With the input and assistance of the citizens of the Town, I am committed to confronting these issues head on and implementing policies and strategies that provide long term benefits to the Town. 
I do not have a personal agenda or any agenda in my desire to serve on the Town Council. I intend to view and address each issue faced by the Council with the mindset that my decision is based on what is in the best interest of the citizens of the Town of Cumberland. I’ve spent my entire adult and professional life solving problems for my clients and that will be my approach to the issues and problems faced by the Council over the next 3 years. 

Tanner Storey
Tanner Storey
Hello, my name is Tanner Storey and I am running for Town Council. I live on Middle Road with my wife Caitlin and our daughter Lily, who will be 1 year old in July. I am a 4th generation Cumberland resident, and I am seeking election to give back to the community that has welcomed and served my family for the better part of a century. I want to help Cumberland continue to grow in a sustainable and fiscally responsible manner without sacrificing the unique rural charm surrounding us. I am grateful to have this opportunity, and I look forward to working closely with our residents and other town council members to help build a bright and prosperous future for Cumberland!
Denise Thorsson
Denise Thorsson
Hi neighbor! I'm Denise Thorsson, a fellow Cumberland resident who is dedicated to serving our community as your next Town Councilor.
I'm a US Air Force veteran who served as a Chinese Language Analyst at Pearl Harbor, producing comprehensive reports that informed national security decisions. I was a stay-at-home parent for seven years, then transitioned into the Tech industry as a QA Engineer. My current role as a Systems Engineer includes process improvement, knowledge management, and ongoing collaboration. As a lifelong learner, I'm furthering education in Environmental GIS and Community Planning.  
I bring diverse experience in leadership, culture, and cooperation. As your Councilor, I will diligently serve with integrity, transparency, and enthusiasm, making informed, thoughtful decisions considering all data and perspectives. My priorities include using smart growth principles to proactively develop while preserving open spaces, boosting housing affordability through variety, and fiscally responsible decision-making.  
After living nationwide, we Thorssons found "home" in Cumberland. My partner Josh lived in Brunswick as a child while his father served in the Navy and always hoped to return to Maine. In 2022, we were able to make that dream a reality. Our boys are MSAD51 students, and we are grateful to be part of this beautiful community.
I'm a Cumberland/North Yarmouth Lions Club member, its Web Admin, and incoming Secretary. On the LCC Community Orchard Subcommittee, I support the Town's sustainability initiatives and advocate for hands-on learning opportunities for MSAD51 students. I enjoy regularly attending Council meetings and budget workshops, watching Planning and School Board meetings, and researching Cumberland's rich history. 
Please visit to learn more and to contact me directly. Government is a two-way street, and open dialogue is essential. Thank you for considering me as your next Town Councilor. I am here to stay and here to serve!
Town Councilor - West (1 seat available)
Helene DiBartolomeo

Hi! My name is Helene DiBartolomeo and I moved to Cumberland in 2019 after I started working for the Town as the Finance Director. Our family instantly fell in love with Cumberland, and since I saw first hand how the Manager and Councilors cared for the Town, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.

Now that the Town Manager is retiring, I believe it’s important to have as many town councilors as possible who are well versed in town business. I can hit the ground running with my understanding of: the impact of expiring Tax Increment Financing (TIFs) and how it can impact the millage rate, operating and capital budgets, short and long-term capital investments, and how the town needs to stay competitive in the labor market against surrounding towns and cities to ensure the continued hiring/maintenance of quality public safety, public works, and other employees who are valuable to Cumberland.

I have been in accounting for over 20 years, including working as a CFO for a school district in Florida with over 18,000 students and a $250M budget. I’ve had my CPA since 2011 and I have a Master’s Degree in Accounting. People who know me know that I like a challenge and that's why I have recently left the Town to go work for Portland Public Schools, to overhaul their finance and payroll department. I would be honored if you allowed me to be part of the Town Council, and with the community, take on the tough challenges that lie ahead. Thank you for your consideration.

Geoffrey Michalak
Geoffrey Michalak
Geoffrey Michalak was born and raised in Cumberland Maine and has continued to reside in Cumberland most of his adult life. While growing up, Geoffrey also had the opportunity to attend the fine school system Cumberland has become known for. After graduating from Greely, he continued his education at the University of Southern Maine where he earned a BS in Industrial Management. While attending USM, he worked for the Town of Cumberland's Public Works and Fire Departments. This work experience helped to define Geoffrey’s character early on which eventually brought him to Milton Cat where he is now the General Product Support Sales Manager for Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Geoff’s leadership style is based on the foundation of respect and transparency. He enjoys listening to multiple viewpoints and likes to think outside the box to produce innovative ideas and solutions before having to make tough decisions. One of Geoff’s key visions for the town is to build a foundation of sustainability so that all citizens have the option to remain in the town for as long as they desire. For this vision to occur, we will need to determine and review the future needs of the town and develop creative solution to solve tomorrow’s problems.
Town Councilor - Foreside (1 seat available)
Andrew Magoun
Andrew Magoun
Andrew Magoun moved from the Washington, DC area to Cumberland in the summer of 2012 to be closer to family and to ensure his children grow up in an area with clean air and open spaces. Prior to living in Cumberland, Andrew spent nine years as an intelligence analyst with the Department of Defense where he rose to the position of Senior Intelligence Analyst and routinely represented the United States to foreign governments. In that job he honed his ability to synthesize data and effectively communicate complex issues to the highest levels of the federal government. After his move to Cumberland, Andrew was fortunate to be able to take a step back from the working world to be a stay-at-home parent for a few years before starting a career in residential real estate.
While not a native of Maine, Andrew can trace his ancestors back to Maine, including the first mayor of Bath. He hopes to pick up this history of civic service by becoming a member of the Cumberland Town Council.  Andrew has a BA from Hamilton College, a Masters of Sciences in Strategic Intelligence from the National Defense Intelligence College, and a MBA from the University of Southern Maine. He was the initial board president, and is a current board member, of the Portland Parks Conservancy and he was a board member of the Portland Food Co-op. Whenever he is able he is a poll worker for the elections here in Cumberland where he lives with his wife, two children, a four year-old border collie, a golden retriever puppy, and a cat.
George Turner
George Turner
Town Resident: 47 yrs
Planning Board, LCC Commission, Coastal Waters Commission
16 years Town Council previously, 22yrs Board of adjustments and Appeals previously
Why am I running:
For my 16yrs on the Council despite disagreements from time to time, there was always amicable treatment of those differences between councilors. I want to restore balance to the Council by offering my historical knowledge and lack of divisive agendas. I will also offer laser focus on changing the upward trajectory of property taxes. We need adults in the room to be realistic and focus on what we can do together...not what we can't.
Property taxes too high?
Yes...but we have to admit taxes aren't going down. We are at a watershed moment to stop the upward momentum.
Greatest challenge for taxpayers:
Citizens will be faced with voting with mixed emotions..... realizing we need a broader commercial tax base to ease residential tax burdens and at the same time encourage the continuing preservation of "scenic vistas" and "rural character" Can they coexist? We all will be challenged and conflicted by questioning school expenditures in the face of US News and World Report's number one high school in Maine designation
Budget Priorities:
If we are on the verge of being unaffordable as a town for many of our longterm residents, budgets should reflect crisis mode. We can't afford "nice to Have" mentalities; funding should be for necessities first necessities second and third. The schools and municipality should view budget items and ask, "Can we live without this?"
Representing all constituents:
Councilors should avoid political agendas. Political agendas inevitably leave people of the other persuasion out. You can't represent all citizens and do that.

M.S.A.D. #51 School Board  (2 seats available)
Jeffery DiBartolomeo
Jeffrey Dibartolomeo
I am Dr. Jeffrey DiBartolomeo, and I’m running for the MSAD 51 school board.  As the father of a Greely student and a finance professor at USM, I am deeply invested in the success and of our schools.  I firmly believe that all community members and stakeholders should have a say in the direction of the school district, and that the school board should be accountable to parents and taxpayers.  When the new K-2 school proposal was presented to the voters last year, I think most of us felt a collective sense of sticker shock.  And when the school proposal failed to pass, it became evident to me that MSAD 51 needs more board members who are fiscally sensible while meeting the needs of a top-performing district.  My background in finance and as an educator provides me with the necessary skills to practice responsible budgeting and resource allocation to keep MSAD 51 at the top while managing its growth.

When my family moved to Cumberland in 2019, we instantly knew this community was special, and I would be honored if elected to serve it.  If you find me mountain biking the trails of Blackstrap or jogging Knight’s Pond, stop and say “Hi,” I’d love to speak with you and hear your concerns.  It is with this that I humbly ask for your vote on June 11th.


Jesse Lamarre-Vincent
Jesse Lamarre-Vincent is running for MSAD #51 School Board to ensure both current and future students are offered the best opportunities for success in their educational journeys. He’s lived in Cumberland since 2017 with his wife and two young children - an incoming third grader and kindergartner at Mabel I. Wilson in 2024-2025. Jesse is actively involved in the community with the town’s Lands and Conservation Commission (LCC) as the Chair of the Cumberland Community Orchard Subcommittee and member of the Sustainability Subcommittee. He is passionate about health and wellness, and as a School Board member will look for opportunities to 1) enhance healthy and locally-sourced options within the school meals program, 2) support social and emotional learning programs, and 3) foster an inclusive, welcoming school community. As a federal government auditor with a Master’s in Public Policy, Jesse also understands the importance of fiscal responsibility and data-driven decision making. He knows there are always opportunities for improvement that can be identified through listening to a wide range of voices, asking probing questions, reviewing data, and engaging in detailed analysis. With a thoughtful approach to the school budget and campus growth, MSAD #51 can continue to build on its tradition of excellence. Strategic investments in MSAD #51 will impact future generations, as well as property values, as we maintain Cumberland as an attractive school district for young families. Jesse is proud to be a Cumberland resident, and is an enthusiastic supporter of MSAD #51. He looks forward to supporting its continued success as a School Board member.


Abraham Suresh
I am Abraham Pushparaj Suresh.  I have been a resident of Maine for 25 years, and the last 14 years here in the town of Cumberland.  Most of my career experience has been in computers and health care, and I currently work for the United States Postal Service.
I am proud to say I have two adult married daughters who received a wonderful public education here in Maine and utilized that foundation in the successful pursuit of becoming Doctors.

One of my greatest enjoyments is volunteering.  I volunteer for my church as part of their tech team, and teaching Sunday school.  Also, I recently started volunteering for the Chebeague & Cumberland Land Trust.

Although I may not possess the impressive qualifications of my fellow candidates and current school board members, what I do offer is a life of unparalleled experience that spans from the slums to the riches.  I believe the best story book ever written is your own life story.  Please allow me to be part of yours.

As an immigrant, I am very happy to have enjoyed the wonderful “American Dream” that this country offers.  I would love to continue to see that same dream enjoyed by this community’s children, but even beyond what any of us could imagine.  I believe a pillar in achieving that dream is our continued focus on academic excellence, improving where we can, along with nurturing every child’s dreams and  aspirations so they all have the same opportunity.  Together we can help our school system to create an environment that offers an education and athletic endeavors that will help to encourage them to be the best that they can be in the pursuit of their dreams unlike any other school system.That is my dream.
In closing, I would like to reflect on Diana Nyad, who was able to swim from Cuba to Florida in her fifth attempt at age 64.  I hope to be elected as one of the new School Board Members on June 11th.  However, if not, I will continue in this pursuit, like Diana, until I am successful. For I feel I have much to offer this community and all the current and future students of MSAD51.
God bless our children and our school.
Abraham Pushparaj Suresh


Sean Thurston

Sean Thurston

I was born and raised here in Cumberland. After retiring from The US Coast Guard, my family and I decided to move back here in 2019. My wife and I have an 8 year old daughter that attends school at Mabel I Wilson School. She is the 6th generation to attend school here in Cumberland. After years of serving my country, I now run a small business in the local area. In my free time I love exploring the local trails and waterways.