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The Cumberland Lands and Conservation Commission in 2022 formed a Sustainability Subcommittee ("SSC") to continue and expand upon the work of the Climate Action Plan Subcommittee.  The CAPS had been formed in 2019 for a two year term to create a Climate Action Plan for Cumberland with a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emission by 2050 by 100% from a 2015 baseline.  That work has now been completed.  The SSC  will monitor and support the implementation of the Climate Action Plan.  In addition it will promote a Sustainable Cumberland including energy conservation, environmental stewardship, food security and community resilience.

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One of most impactful actions of Phase II CAP is Sustainable Landscaping.  We ask that our residents consider reducing the size of their mown lawns in favor of a natural landscape based on native trees, shrubs and ground cover.  This approach benefits pollinators, birds and other wildlife.  It also sequesters more greenhouse gas emissions.  Click here for a helpful brief article, here for an in-depth video and here to see some earth-friendly yard work tips.