Broad Cove Reserve

Activities: Walking, Hiking, Snowshoeing, Kayaking, Swimming, Observing Nature

Trail Length & Difficulty: Broad Cove Reserve contains 1.2 miles of EASY trails

Location & Parking: Broad Cove Reserve is located on Beach Drive (off of Route 88). A parking lot is available shortly after turning onto Beach Drive.  In addition, five parking spaces are available near the water for Cumberland residents with an approved parking sticker. 

Hours: Broad Cove is open to the public from sunrise to sunset 7 days a week. During the summer months, June-August, a park ranger will be onsite everyday, from 10am-6pm, overseeing the activities on the property.

Property Description: Broad Cove Reserve is a beautiful 23-acre property that has a beach, pier, and walking trails along the perimeter! It also includes a bath house with a portable restroom. Visitors can enjoy swimming, paddle boarding/kayaking, fishing, picnicking, or relaxing by the water. There are also two walking trails: the Stonewall Trail is a 0.6-mile wooded path that extends both north and south of Beach Drive running parallel to ME-88. The Broad Cove Access Trail is a 0.5-mile trail from the parking lot to the beach. There are some steep sections as you make your way down to the shore.

History: The property has an interesting history, originally as the site of important fishing grounds for Abenaki people, and later as the location of Cumberland’s town farm. In 2014, the Town of Cumberland acquired Broad Cove Reserve, a 22 acre property, that’s tucked off of Route 88 with nearly 11 acres along the shoreline. We encourage residents to enjoy and appreciate this special seaside environment.

Other Information: Dogs are allowed on leash from Route 88 to Town Pier. Dogs are not allowed on the beach.