Trash & Recycling Collection

Cumberland uses the Pay As You Throw (PAYT) waste collection system. This program has been very effective in both lowering the cost of the Towns’ Solid Waste bill and increasing the amount of recycling done in the Town. All residential trash must be put curbside on their collection day in a green, Town of Cumberland PAYT bag. Recycling is collected on the same day and time as the solid waste. You may put your recycling out in a bin of your choice, but not in a generic trash bag as it will be assumed it is trash and as such would not be collected.

The special trash bags can be purchased at local retailers including, but not limited to: Cumberland Town Hall, Hannaford West Falmouth, Falmouth Shaw’s, Yarmouth Hannaford, Town Landing Market, and Food Stop.

The bags are sold in two sizes:
•33 gallon bags (10 bags for $25)
•14 gallon (10 bags for $12.50)

Waste & Recycling Reminders:

  • Your solid waste and recycling should be curbside by 7:00am on the day of your collection, but not earlier than 6:00pm on the day before.
  • Regardless of the time your waste is usually picked up, it needs to be curbside by 7:00am as pickup times can and will change from time to time.
  • Waste Management will no longer cross the road to collect waste on the opposite of the road. This is to ensure the safety of the collectors. They will do one side of the road first and then the other.
  • Waste Management will make reasonable attempts to pick up residents trash during inclement weather. If trash cannot be picked by Waste Management due to weather or road conditions, the trash must be taken in and put out the following week on the regularly scheduled trash pick-up day. At this time, there is no scheduled ‘make up day’ for trash removal.
  • The collectors will ONLY collect solid waste in green Town of Cumberland Pay As You Throw trash bags. PAYT bags cannot be tied to trash can handles.
  • Clink bags looks very similar to PAYT bags, however Clink bags will not be collected.

The curbside collection is currently provided by Waste Management and any collection problems or questions should be reported to them by visiting their website (Waste Management Customer Support) or calling 1-800-244-8290 and asking for a Customer Service Representative.