Housing Task Force Advisory Committee



The Cumberland Housing Task Force shall consist of up to 7 (seven) Cumberland residents appointed by the Cumberland Town Council to provide recommendations on ways to facilitate the development of affordable housing in the community. 

The actions of the Housing Task Force shall include, but shall not necessarily be limited to, the following: 

1. Review the results of the 2022 Community Survey to determine the level of concern that respondents expressed regarding the availability of affordable housing.
2. Review the 2020 U.S. Census data regarding demographics of the town and data related to the existing number, and types of, housing units.
3. Review the 2014 Comprehensive Plan to determine if the Housing chapter needs to be updated to reflect current conditions.
4. Review the 2014 Comprehensive Plan to determine if the current designated “Rural” and “Growth” areas should be revised to reflect new public utility locations, potential for public transit, and available land for development.
5. Make recommendations to the Cumberland Town Council on ways to facilitate the creation of affordable housing such as increasing density, reducing minimum lot sizes and expanding infrastructure (roads, water sewer).
6. Review the potential for development of all types of housing to include  single family, duplex, multiplex, accessory dwelling units, tiny homes, and manufactured homes, which includes single-wide mobile, double-wide mobile and modular homes.

The Task Force shall submit a final report to the Cumberland Town Council for consideration and action no later than December 15, 2022. 

Housing Task Force Committee Members:
James Broder
Brian Cashin
Rick Doane
Lu Gallaudet
Betsey Harding
Mark Lapping
Katie Magoun
Eben Sweetser
Gail Witherall
Justin Wood
Mark Segrist, Town Council Liaison
Robert Vail, Town Council Liaison
Carla Nixon, Town Planner
Christina Silberman, Administrative Assistant

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