Rines Forest

In 2003, Cumberland acquired Rines Forest which is a beautiful tranquil natural environment. Within its 209 acres grow large hemlock and pine trees as well as a sprinkling of red oak, birch, poplar and maple. It is a perfect canopy for the forest’s diverse wildlife which includes white tail deer, coyote, fox, wild turkey, ruffed grouse and numerous wild birds. Along its boundaries, flows Mill Brook which winds its way through the forest providing visitors with beautiful waterfalls and places of solitude. Except for an occasional rock wall and a logging road or two, one can easily sense that they have escaped to a remote boreal forest far removed from a suburb of Maine’s largest city. A comprehensive management plan for the property was developed by the Town’s Rines Forest Committee for the expressed purpose of insuring that the Forest will remain in its undeveloped state. In addition to management considerations, the Cumberland Town Council voted to place the property under the protection of a conservation easement, in perpetuity, with the Cumberland Mainland Island Trust in September of 2005.