Radar Speed Display


The Cumberland Police Department, like many agencies in our area, deploys a radar speed display during the spring, summer and fall months. Our radar speed display is effective at calming traffic, and communicating with motorists in real time to increase awareness of vehicle speeds in locations around town that cause concern. The speed display is a valuable tool, allowing the police department to affect motorists’ behavior when an officer is not able to be present.

In addition, the radar speed display gathers valuable data on the numbers of vehicles which pass it, as well as the speed of those vehicles. This data can help us better understand the true patterns which exist and can further aid us in our enforcement and safety efforts. We work to place the trailer in a new location every week, and will post the speed report from those locations here for your review. If you have any questions about our speed display, please feel free to contact Chief Rumsey.


  • Blanchard Road (Glenview Road) - April 26th - May 2nd
  • Cross Road (Eastbound) - May 17th - May 23rd
  • Foreside Road (Northbound from house #174) - June 7th - June 13th
  • Forest Lake (Northbound) - June 14th - June 20th
  • Middle Road (Northbound from house #3) - May 3rd - May 9th
  • Middle Road (Soutbound from house #144) - July 12th - July 18th
  • Orchard Road (Soutbound from house #62) - May 26th - June 1st
  • Range Road (Westbound from house #48) - May 10th - May 16th
  • Route 1 (Northbound from Falcon Drive) - June 30th - July 6th
  • Winn Road (Northbound from house #42) - June 21st - June 27th