2024 Paving Projects

Proposed Paving - Town of Cumberland Public Services
March 21, 2024
Neighborhood Paving Plans

Cumberland is tentatively planning on paving the following streets during the summer of 2024:

  • Fox Run Rd
  • Frye Drive
  • Glenview Road
  • Heather Lane
  • Holly Drive
  • Homestead Lane
  • Hunter Way
  • Pleasant Valley
  • Sturbridge Lane
  • Meadow Lane


This paving project could include drainage, shoulder repairs and road resurfacing.  Prior to work commencing, you may want to remove any objects placed in the right of way, such as invisible dog fences, as the town will not repair or replace personal property that has been put/placed in the right of way.  Mailboxes do not need to be relocated.  

Work could be scheduled to begin as soon as June 14th, but when the final schedule is developed, we will post it on the town’s website.  After the paving is complete there will be a 5-year moratorium on cutting into the road.  Please plan on having any projects, such as hooking up to utilities, that might involve disturbing the pavement completed prior to the town’s paving.  Conversely, you may want to consider waiting until paving is complete before resurfacing any driveways.