Old School Districts

District 1

A wooden structure across the road from what is now Dean’s Way on Rte. 88. It was accidentally burned in 1950 after a half century of disuse.

District 2

On Tuttle Road diagonally across from the Tuttle Road Methodist Church. It became a private residence in 1950, and remains so today. Prior to 1854, District 2 was at the south corner of Harris Road and Tuttle Road - it was moved by oxen.

District 3

Now the location of the Cumberland Historical Society. Original school was a wooden structure across the street from the current #3. It burned and in 1853 the new #3 was built of bricks. In 1952 the 1853 building became the Town Office, then the Police Department and is now the Cumberland Historical Society.

Former student’s description of the school:

Explanation of discipline through the school system:


District 4

Shawtown School - now J. Brothers Store

District 5

Gurney School, was moved from its original location at the junction of Skillin Road and Blanchard Road to the westerly side of Skillin Road. It became a private residence, and stood until a few years ago when it burned. The building was used as Brenda Sherwin’s day care until it burned; no picture available.

District 6

Springbrook Farm area

District 7


Brick school house at the corner of Winn Road and Range Road. Built in 1846. (Listed on the National Register of Historic Places)

Excerpt from “Maine: An Encyclopedia”: This 1846 building was a rural district school built by the Town of Cumberland. It is one of only two known surviving one-room, brick, Greek Revival schoolhouses in Maine, the other, also in Cumberland, has been substantially altered. The Winn Road building ceased functioning as a school in the early 20th century.

Little remains of the its original interior, but a sloping floor, allowing a teacher to keep an eye on students, remained in 1983. The building was sold in the late 20th century with a preservation easement requiring maintenance of the facade and prohibiting demolition.

Prior Classes:

What it looks like now:

District 8

Now Chebeague Island Community House

District 9

on Chebeague, no picture available

District 10

Hope Island, no picture available

District 11

Crotch Island – now Cliff Island, no picture available.

District 12

On what is now Blackstrap Road across from West Cumberland Methodist Church Cemetery; no picture available.

District 13

Now a private residence on Bruce Hill Road at the fork in the road with Pleasant Valley Road; no picture available.

District 14

Stave, Bates and Ministerial Islands; no picture available.

District 15

Created in 1838 when Districts 2 and 3 were closed.