Police Department


The Cumberland Police Department is dedicated to providing the highest degree of professional law enforcement services to the residents of Cumberland and all who visit our community. Our main mission and purpose is to safeguard life, preserve peace, and to enforce all state laws and town ordinances fairly and equally with due regard to the rights of all we meet.

We realize that our goal – of maintaining our status as one of Maine’s safest towns – cannot be accomplished alone. In order to be successful we must continue to strengthen the bonds between us and the members of our community. Often, this collaboration will take the form of our residents calling or emailing with important information. Frequently it will consist of a chance encounter between an officer and community member while we are out on patrol (whether it be a friendly wave, or a question about Maine law). Occasionally it will be an interaction on social media.

In addition, we affirm our commitment to work with our partners in the fields of elder care, mental health, domestic violence, child welfare and others. We all share a common desire: for the good people of Cumberland to enjoy lives that are safe and free from the fear of crime.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Charles Rumsey Chief of Police
David Young Lieutenant
Thomas Burgess Sergeant
Antonio Ridge Sergeant
Kirk Mazuzan School Resource Officer
Benjamin Burnes Detective
Joseph Burke Patrol Officer
Christopher Giles Patrol Officer
Scott Hendee Patrol Officer
Jacob Lachance Patrol Officer
Matthew Merriman Patrol Officer
Ryan Pynchon Patrol Officer
Ryan Pynchon
Bobby Silcott Animal Control Officer
Jean Duchesneau Administrative Assistant