Recycling Tagging with ecomaine

recycling tags
As residents of Cumberland, we all have a role to play in sustainable waste management – and that includes recycling correctly.  Typically, the cost to deal with trash and recycling is one of any community’s top expenditures for the year, but poor recycling practices cost towns and their taxpayers even more. When trash ends up in your recycling bin, additional time and money are spent cleaning it out. This can amount to thousands of dollars every month.
Beginning on Friday, September 30th, ecomaine will be working with the Town of Cumberland to conduct inspections of recycling carts placed curbside on the Friday trash and recycling route.  During these inspections, staffers will tag recycling carts with GREEN tags for a job well done, YELLOW tags for those that have 1-2 items that don’t belong, and RED tags for contaminated carts. 
The tags and information will include an explanation for the reason the item(s) do not belong in the recycling stream.  Waste Management will not collect carts with RED tags for too many unacceptable items, and the contamination must be removed from your recycling.
This is a project designed to prevent recycling contamination, avoid additional fees, and educate our residents about the importance of recycling correctly. 
Should your cart be tagged with a red or yellow tag, please feel free to contact us for guidance on how to dispose of your items – call or email Laura, with Cumberland Public Works, at
Our staff will have materials on hand to help you “know before you throw,” and you can request additional information through your town or ecomaine.  For more information, visit