Habitat Maps

Cumberland Regional Map

Cumberland Map 1
A. Buffer Zones around Water Resources & Riparian Habitats.
B. Buffer around Streams & Ponds inhabited by Brook Trout.

Cumberland Map 2
A. Atlantic Salmon Spawning & Rearing Habitat
B. Endangered, Threatened, & Special Concern Animals
C. Deer Wintering Areas
D. Piping Plover/Least Tern Essential Habitat
E. Roseate Tern Essential habitat
F. Inland Waterfowl/Wading Bird Habitat
G. Significant Vernal Pools
H. Rare Plant & Exemplary Natural Communities
I. Shorebird Feeding/Roosting Habitat
J. Seabird Nesting Islands
K. Tidal Waterfowl/Wading Bird Habitat

Cumberland Map 3
A. Undeveloped Habitat Blocks
B. Large Area of Interior Forest
C. Connections between large Undeveloped habitat Blocks

Cumberland Map 7
A. SPO Wetlands Characterization

Cumberland Map 8
A. USFW Gulf of Maine Habitats