New Registrations

The Excise Office is authorized to issue new registrations for automobiles, motorcycles, mopeds, motor driven cycles, motor homes, trailers, mobile homes, farm tractors and all commercial trucks with the exception of IRP’s.

In processing new registrations the Town is authorized to collect sales tax on sales where the tax has not already been paid and process Maine Title Applications for vehicles manufactured in 1995 and newer. In addition to the required information listed under renewal registrations you will also need:

  • Bill of Sale or Dealer’s Certificate
  • Application for Maine Title
  • For a used vehicle (1995 or newer), the previous title
  • For a new (not used) vehicle, the dealer’s window sticker
  • Proof of Insurance Coverage as required by the State of Maine

Note: If a private sale of a used vehicle from New Hampshire and there is no previous title, must have a notarized bill of sale.

Payments made at the Cumberland Town Office are accepted in the form of cash or check. Credit card payments using either Mastercard or Discover are accepted at the Cumberland Town Hall and credit cards are also accepted through the State of Maine online Rapid Renewal web site. 

For questions, please call 829-5559.