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Not all development projects are the same, naturally, so the easiest way to get started on your project is to contact the Town Planner, Carla Nixon at 829-2206 to discuss your proposal and the next steps. This guide is a general outline of the average process for expansion or new construction of commercial properties.

Site Plan Review
All commercial expansion and new construction projects are subject to the provisions of the Site Plan Ordinance. Cumberland’s Site Plan Ordinance contains two levels of review: staff review and Planning Board site plan review. See page 2 of the ordinance for a helpful chart to determine how your project will be classified. The Staff Review Process was developed to assist small businesses looking to expand an existing facility less than 1,001 square feet or construct a new facility of less than 3,001 square feet. No matter which category your project falls under, all applicants are required to complete and submit a Site Plan Application to the Town Planner, Carla Nixon.

How Can We Help?
The Town of Cumberland is dedicated to providing the support that its business owners need to be successful within our community. Please contact us if we can assist you with doing business in Cumberland.