Don't Forget to Clear Snow Off Your Meters/Vents

After all the snow we received this week and the projected snowfall in the next few days, please remember to clear snow and ice from your gas meter or furnace vent! A covered meter or vent can cause your furnace and hot water heater to stop working and could lead to carbon monoxide building up in your home. Spread the word to your neighbors, offer assistance to our elderly residents, and stay warm these next few days! 

Here are some helpful safety tips:
* Remove snow and ice from the meter or appliance vent pipe carefully with a broom or by hand. Do not use a shovel because it can damage the meter.
* Do not shovel snow up against the meter or vent pipe.
* Remove icicles from overhead eaves and gutters to assure dripping water does not splash and freeze on the meter or vent pipes.
* Do not kick your gas meter to break or clear ice.
* Clear a path to the meter.
* Contact a qualified roofing vendor if you cannot safely remove the snow and ice yourself.