War of 1812 Veterans

War of 1812 Monument

The following list contains the names of War of 1812-15 veterans from North Yarmouth, which Cumberland was part of until 1821. If you know of an individual who you believe should be included in this list, or have information about any of the veterans listed, please contact the Cumberland Veterans Monument Committee by using this form.

Allen, ElishaWar of 1812-15  
Allen, IsaacWar of 1812-15   
Bacon, Nathl. War of 1812-15 Sergt.
Baker, AmasaWar of 1812-15 Lieut.
Batchelder, EphraimWar of 1812-15   
Batchelder, Rufus War of 1812-15  
Beak, SamuelWar of 1812-15  
Bisbee, AsaWar of 1812-15  Fifer
Blanchard, Cyrus War of 1812-15  
Blanchard, JacobWar of 1812-15 Sergt.
Bosworth, DavidWar of 1812-15   
Brown, James War of 1812-15  
Brown, ReubenWar of 1812-15 Corp.
Buxton, JosephWar of 1812-15   
Clough, John War of 1812-15  
Collins, John WWar of 1812-15  
Corliss, Eben.War of 1812-15   
Delano, Benja. War of 1812-15  
Delano, EzekielWar of 1812-15  
Dennison, AmmiWar of 1812-15   
Drinkwater, John R. War of 1812-15  
Drinkwater, TristramWar of 1812-15  
Favor, JacobWar of 1812-15   
Fogg, Benja. War of 1812-15  
Gray, DavidWar of 1812-15  
Griffin, JosephWar of 1812-15   
Hall, Stephen War of 1812-15  
Hall, WillardWar of 1812-15  
Herrick, Benj.War of 1812-15  Ensign.
Jordan, Ebenr. War of 1812-15  
Kelly, JohnWar of 1812-15  
Lambert, SethWar of 1812-15   
Lang, Levi War of 1812-15  
Leighton, WilliamWar of 1812-15  
Lincoln, GershomWar of 1812-15   
Loring, Charles War of 1812-15  
Low, JosephWar of 1812-15  
Lufkin, Seth L.War of 1812-15   
Marston, Thomas War of 1812-15  
Maxwell, Robert C.War of 1812-15  
Merrill, SamuelWar of 1812-15   
Meservey, John War of 1812-15  
Mitchell, DanielWar of 1812-15 Capt.
Mitchell, Daniel, Jr.War of 1812-15   
Mitchell, Jeremiah War of 1812-15 Sergt.
Mitchell, TimothyWar of 1812-15  
Nason, ThomasWar of 1812-15   
Newbegin, John War of 1812-15  
Parker, JamesWar of 1812-15  
Parker, RichardWar of 1812-15   
Parker, Wm. War of 1812-15  
Porter, Benja.War of 1812-15  
Prince, CushingWar of 1812-15  Corp.
Read, David War of 1812-15  
Reed, ReubenWar of 1812-15  
Ring, MartinWar of 1812-15   
Royall, Winthrop War of 1812-15  
Russell, John M.War of 1812-15 Corp.
Sawyer, EnosWar of 1812-15   
Shaw, David War of 1812-15  
Skillings, IssacWar of 1812-15  
Skillings, JamesWar of 1812-15   
Skillings, Reuben War of 1812-15  
Smith, Wm.War of 1812-15  
Snell, JohnWar of 1812-15   
Soule, Benja. War of 1812-15  
Soule, IsaacWar of 1812-15  
Soule, JohnWar of 1812-15  Corp.
Soule, Phineas War of 1812-15 Drummer
Soule, SamuelWar of 1812-15  
Staples, DanielWar of 1812-15   
Swazey, Ambrose War of 1812-15  
Sweetsir, LeviWar of 1812-15  
Sweetsir, SalathielWar of 1812-15   
Sweetsir, Samuel War of 1812-15  
Talbot, BaileyWar of 1812-15  
Thompson, EdwardWar of 1812-15   
Thompson, Wm. War of 1812-15  
Titcomb, BenaiahWar of 1812-15  
Titcomb, Benaiah, Jr.War of 1812-15   
Titcomb, Enoch War of 1812-15  
Trebou, AlphaWar of 1812-15  
True, JohnWar of 1812-15  Sergt.
Tyler, William War of 1812-15  
Tyler, ZebulonWar of 1812-15  
Waistcoat, WilliamWar of 1812-15  Sergt.
Walker, Jermiah War of 1812-15  
Whi(t)comb, JohnWar of 1812-15  
Whitehouse, JohnWar of 1812-15   
Whitney, James War of 1812-15  
Winslow, JacobWar of 1812-15  
Worthley, AsaWar of 1812-15   
Wyman, Lemuel War of 1812-15  
Young, JohnWar of 1812-15