Revolutionary War Veterans

Revolutionary Monument

The following list contains the names of Revolutionary War veterans from North Yarmouth, which Cumberland was part of until 1821. If you know of an individual who you believe should be included in this list, or have information about any of the veterans listed, please contact the Cumberland Veterans Monument Committee by using this form.

Aldridge, Nath.Revolutionary War Private
Anderson, Jas., Jr.Revolutionary War Private
Anderson, RobertRevolutionary War Sergt.
Bartol, GeorgeRevolutionary War Private
Blanchard, OziasRevolutionary War 2d Lt.
Blanchard, SethRevolutionary War Private
Bradbury, WilliamRevolutionary War Private
Brewer, JosephRevolutionary War Private
Brown, Eph.Revolutionary War Private
Brown, Jacob, Jr.Revolutionary War Drummer
Burrows, ThomasRevolutionary War Private
Buxton, WilliamRevolutionary War Private
Carter, DanielRevolutionary War Private
Carver, CalvinRevolutionary War Corp.
Crocker, JamesRevolutionary War Corp.
Davis, Jno.Revolutionary War Private
Davis, JosephRevolutionary War Private
Delano, AmaziahRevolutionary War Private
Dennison, AbnerRevolutionary War Private
Dill, JosiahRevolutionary War Private
Drinkwater, Jno., Jr.Revolutionary War Private
Fogg, BenaiahRevolutionary War Private
Gray, JohnRevolutionary War Capt.
Hacket, EzekielRevolutionary War Private
Harris, Amos, Jr.Revolutionary War Private
Humphrey, Jos.Revolutionary War Private
Lake, Josh.Revolutionary War Private
Lawrance, SamuelRevolutionary War Private
Lee, Jno.Revolutionary War Private
Loring, EzekielRevolutionary War Q. M. Sgt.
Ludden, JosephRevolutionary War Sergt.
Marston, LeviRevolutionary War Private
Merrill, Jacob, Jr.Revolutionary War Private
Mitchell, Danl., Jr.Revolutionary War Private
Mitchell, JonathanRevolutionary War Colonel
Mitchell, Nathl.Revolutionary War Private
Oakes, Jno.Revolutionary War Private
Parker, EdwardRevolutionary War Private
Pearson, Thomas, Jr.Revolutionary War Private
Pittee, JamesRevolutionary War Sergt.
Pomroy, JamesRevolutionary War Private
Reed, JosiahRevolutionary War Private
Ring, WilliamRevolutionary War Private
Roberts, Mos.Revolutionary War Private
Rogers, JamesRevolutionary War Sergt.
Royal, IsaacRevolutionary War Private
Soul, Barna.Revolutionary War Private
Soul, JohnRevolutionary War 1st Lt.
Soul, WilliamRevolutionary War Private
Stubbs, Richard, Jr.Revolutionary War Private
Sweetser, Jno.Revolutionary War Private
Sylvester, Thos.Revolutionary War Private
Talbot, SamuelRevolutionary War Corp.
Titcomb, Edmd., Jr.Revolutionary War Private
True, Jona.Revolutionary War Private
True, WilliamRevolutionary War Private
Tuttle, BurrilRevolutionary War Private
Tuttle, ZebulonRevolutionary War Private
Videto, ComfortRevolutionary War Private
Wear, PeterRevolutionary War Private
Weeks, Nathl.Revolutionary War Private
Williams, JosephRevolutionary War Private
Winslow, Benj.Revolutionary War Private
Winslow, JohnRevolutionary War Corp.
Woodward, Davis, Jr.Revolutionary War Fifer
Worthley, DanielRevolutionary War Private
Wyman, JosiahRevolutionary War Private