Route 1 Widening Project - Completed


As of early July, the final touches and coats of paint were completed on the Route 1 widening project.  As you will see, there is a significant amount of new roadway striping to provide separate protected turning lanes on the north and south ends of the project.  Hopefully, everyone will get a chance to ride this nice newly paved roadway!  We would like to thank Shaw Brothers Construction for a job well done!

In late March, Shaw Brothers Construction began widening the northern and southern sections of Route 1 by approximately 5 feet to allow for the re-striping of Route 1 to include a center left turn lane in the widened areas.  Work areas include from the Falmouth Line, approximately 4,500 feet to the north and from Tuttle Road  to the Yarmouth Line.  The Contractor may have crews in both work areas at the same time, but it is not anticipated that traffic will be reduced to less than two way, at any time. The full length of Route 1 from Falmouth to Yarmouth will receive a pavement overlay at the completion of the project.