Scam Alert!

If you receive a call from anyone claiming to be raising money for law enforcement, please hang up. Opportunistic criminals are flooding Maine with thousands of these phone calls. You already pay for public safety services via taxes. If you wish to donate to legitimate public safety causes, please do some research and contact organizations directly. The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation are two examples of legitimate groups.
Never provide personal or financial information to callers, and never wire money or purchase money cards at the request of callers. No reputable business or group operates this way, including CMP, courts, police departments, and banks. Just Hang Up! If the solicitation was received via email, do not click on links contained in the email. If you are worried that the call or email was legitimate, reach out directly to the business or group via publically available contact information.
Please share this information, especially with anyone who may be susceptible to these types of scams!