Back to School Reminders from CPD

(Photo Credit: Michele Creelman)

"Wait, what? School is back in session? No. It can't be - they just got out for the summer!" No matter how you feel about it, school is upon us. The return of the school year brings the return of a host of safety issues we should briefly discuss. 
First up on our list is school buses. They carry our community's most precious commodity - our children! Please slow down, be patient and allow the bus drivers the space and time they need to successfully transport our students from home to school and back. Remember, too, that passing a stopped school bus is a criminal act, and it is also extremely dangerous. If you have new or inexperienced drivers in your home please take a moment to speak with them about the dangers of passing a stopped school bus.
Secondly, we need to be concerned about crosswalks. They are important all the time, but especially during the school year and near our school campus. Students may dart out between cars and they may not be as tall as the vehicles they are moving between, so extra vigilance is critical.
Lastly, we absolutely must watch our speed in and near the school zones. These zones of slower speed exist to allow for more reaction time and shorter stopping distances in the event a child runs out into the road and to accommodate for all the cars turning into and out of our school lots. I realize 15mph might seem slow, but the zones are short and in reality the few extra seconds it takes to traverse our school zones at lower speed is a small price to pay when compared to the potential heartache and pain of an accident.
Your Police Department will be deploying signs, cruisers and officers to the area of our schools in an effort to help promote safe driving and safe pedestrian habits when school gets back underway. We hope to see you out there setting a good example!