Middle Road


Middle Road improvements construction project is scheduled to resume in mid-May 2018 and be substantially complete by mid-July 2018.  Construction completed in 2017 ended just south of Evergreen Lane. 

Before winter shut down some finish work was completed including guardrail installation and some curbing.  It was too late in the season for topsoil placement and grass growth, however, a more extensive clean up with finish work will be part of the scope in May and June of 2018.

The next phase of the work will include full depth road reconstruction and water line from just south of Evergreen Lane to the Falmouth town line.  This section will then be paved with base pavement and the entire project finished except for the placement of surface pavement in the spring of 2019.

The Portland Water District will be repairing approximately 600 feet of existing water main from 161 Middle Road to 95 Middle Road.  This work is scheduled to begin in mid-May as well.