Family Wellness Festival

Family Wellness Festival
Event Date: 
Friday, July 16, 2021 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm


Walnut Hill Wellness Center
1 Walnut Hill Road
North Yarmouth, ME 04097
United States

Join us for the next community mental health event! On Friday, July 16th the Cumberland/North Yarmouth Mental Health Committee will be hosting a Family Wellness Festival at Walnut Hill Wellness Center.

Walnut Hill Wellness Center is a hub for connection. It's a place where kids can find their rhythm, teens learn to love themselves and parents realign with their intuition.  

Trust Your Gut, Inc and the team at the Walnut Hill Wellness Center, nicknamed "Big Red" are so excited to party on July 16th! We have a festival line-up that is doing what we love the most: planting seeds of joy for our children. During this two hour event we are offering a peek into what the Center is made of. Welcome, welcome, welcome!

  • Stop by to enjoy a DANCE PARTY with local youth musicians, plus your little one will have an opportunity to join the gazebo stage and play
  • Fill your bellies with food truck CHEESE THE DAY
  • Sample the proactive products of LIFEVANTAGE
  • Craft a large mandala for the walls of Big Red with NATURE BASED ART
  • Tweens and teen can participate in 20 minute sample classes of TRAUMA-IMFORMED YOGA and YOGA NIDRA,
  • Parents can rest and reflect during 20 minutes of OUR CIRCLE support, 
    Join for a TOUR of Big Red and get the low-down on all the connections, 
  • Sign-up for a 15 minute consultation with our INTERNAL FAMILY SYSTEMS COACH (4 slots available), 
  • Interested in joining the team, bring your RESUME for impromptu INTERVIEWS