Landfill Closure - Completed


The Landfill Project was completed on August 23, 2017.

The Town of Cumberland, Maine (Town) owns and operates the Public Works facility on Drowne Road in Cumberland, Maine which includes a 3-acre wood waste/construction demolition debris landfill on the southern end of the subject property. The landfill was used from approximately the 1980s to 1994. The Town intends to close the landfill in accordance with Maine Department of Environmental Protections Chapter 401 solid waste management rules because the landfill is no longer in use. 

Construction of the landfill closure will include clearing of vegetation, grading of the landfill waste, drainage improvements, and placement of a landfill soil cap and gas vent system over the landfill. The project will include temporary relocation of the salt shed to the area of the existing sand pile and the reconstruction of the gravel compost pad to maintain composting operations. Clearing work and construction is scheduled to begin in early July so please be aware that construction equipment may be entering Drowne Road. and that the compost pad will not be available for use until the fall of 2017. As the work is being completed the Town will be maintaining hours on Saturday mornings from 9am to 12:30pm to better accommodate residents. During these Saturday morning hours, the facility will only accept GRASS CLIPPINGS AND LEAVES at their regular drop-off area. No brush (branches, tree limbs, wood, etc.) of any kind! It will be reopening on September 2nd.