Real Estate Inventory Update

The data collection for the real estate assessment inventory update began on Monday, July 16th. Bob and Tim Gingras will begin on Cumberland Foreside at the Yarmouth Town Line visiting properties on the East side of the Foreside Road and the following side roads:
  • Hallmark Rd.
  • Carriage Rd.
  • Surrey Ln.
  • Conifer Ridge Rd.
Assessor, John Brushwein will begin in Cumberland Center on the East side of Main Street at the intersection of Main St. and Greely Rd. and the following side roads:
  • Pinewood Dr.
  • Crestwood Rd.
  • Balsam Dr.
  • Hemlock Dr.

Click here for completed locations.

Data collection will begin at 9:000 AM through 5:00 PM Monday through Friday weather permitting. The website will be updated as data collection moves to new areas. Personnel will have Town of Cumberland photo identification and vehicle make, model, and license plate numbers will be registered with the Cumberland Police Department.
For more information about the real estate inventory update, please click here.

(L to R: Assessor: John Brushwein, Data Collectors: Robert Gingras and Tim Gingras)