Vital Records

Birth & Death Certificates

The fee for a certified copy of a birth/death/marriage certificate is $15.00 for the first copy and $6.00 for a second copy. You may also request a copy of any Vital Record on line through or Vital Check at www.vitalcheck.comAn additional fee is charged by Vital Check for this service.

Birth Certificates may be obtained from:
1. The city or town in which the child was born
2. The city or town in which the mother was living at the time of the birth, or
3. The State Department of Vital Statistics located in Augusta, ME.

-Certified copies of birth certificates can be issued to the child or child’s parents.
-Birth records can be requested in writing through the mail by indicating the child’s full birth name, date of birth, and parents full name(s). Send your request, along with a check payable to the Town of Cumberland to: Town Clerk’s Office, 290 Tuttle Road,Cumberland, ME 04021.

Your request will be processed the same day it is received.

Death Certificates may be obtained from:
1. The city or town in the municipality where the person passed away
2. The city/town hall of the place of residence of the deceased
3. The Bureau of Vital Statistics in Augusta.

Death Certificates may be issued to anyone who has a legitimate interest in the decedent.

The fee to obtain a burial permit is now $20.00.

Marriage Licenses

The fee to obtain a marriage license is $40.A marriage license may be obtained from the Town Clerk’s office.
* Residents of the State intending to be married shall record notice of their intentions in the office of the Clerk of the municipality in which at least one of them resides.
* If both parties reside outside Maine, they must file their intentions in any municipal office. Intention forms are open to the public.
* Each party will be required to provide their names, residence, place of birth, date of birth of the bride and groom, names and place of birth of bride and grooms parents. For persons previously married, a certified copy of the most recent divorce decree or death certificate of the former spouse will be needed at the time of the application. BOTH parties must sign the application in the presence of the Clerk before the license is released.
* Once intentions have been properly filed, a marriage license may be issued immediately. There is no longer a waiting period. Upon issuance of the license, the parties may marry anywhere within the State of Maine. The license will expire within 90 days of issuance.

Please bring photo identification when filing your marriage intentions.