Broad Cove Reserve Parking


With the warm weather upon us this week, residents have been enjoying Broad Cove Reserve! As we are still waiting for our Park Rangers to return from college and finish up their high school classes, here a few friendly reminders about parking:



-Residents must park in the parking lot, located at the top of Beach Drive. 

-There are 2 handicap spaces available, located near the drop-off area. 

-There is a drop-off area near the beach/pier where residents may drop off people/items, but no parking is allowed for more than 5 minutes. 

-On road parking, outside designated areas, is prohibited.

The Park Rangers will be back in action Memorial Day Weekend, beginning on Saturday the 27th. They will be on site every day from 10am-6pm. They will be shuttling residents from the parking lot to the beach on the hour and will be traveling back to the parking lot on the half hour. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation, as we wait until Broad Cove is fully staffed. Enjoy this beautiful weather!