The Town of Cumberland, opportunely located in Maine’s Greater Portland Area, offers your business the best in accessibility and atmosphere. Bordering Maine’s three principal highways, Routes 95, 295 and One, Cumberland boasts easy and direct access in addition to proximity to major cities like Portland and Augusta. This premier location affords residents and over 150 current business owners the conveniences of more heavily populated areas, while maintaining the charm of a rural coastal town.

Although location may be the foremost consideration for your business, Cumberland’s appeal is also largely attributed to its heritage as a successful coastal community, allegiance to sustainable living and preservation of accessible open space. Cumberland residents place significant value in education and take great pride in their community and local trade. Establishing a business in Cumberland is more than opening your doors to the public, it is becoming part of a community.

As part of this community, your business will have access to the finest people and resources equipped to realize your business goals. Moreover, Cumberland’s town council form of government has proven its commitment to champion local business and is dedicated to economic development by offering support to new business endeavors of every genre and size.