Civil War Veterans

Civil War Monument

The following list contains the names of Civil War veterans from Cumberland. If you know of an individual who you believe should be included in this list, or have information about any of the veterans listed, please contact the Cumberland Veterans Monument Committee by using this form.

Adkins, Moses  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Allen, Daniel A.  Co. C, 12th Inf.
Annis, Hiram   
Baston, Jerimiah R. PrivateCo. E, 17th Inf.
Bean, A. S.   
Berry, James H.U.S. NavyOfficer 
Bishop, Benjamin  Co. E, 25th Inf.
Blanchard, Addison Lieutenant 
Blanchard, Brainard P.  13th Mass. Reg., Inf. Div.
Blanchard, Charles A.U.S. NavyActing Ensign 
Blanchard, David L.  10th Inf. Reg. Band
Blanchard, Ferdinand Clinton  1st Missouri Light Inf.
Blanchard, Frank W.U.S. Navy Paymaster
Blanchard, Homer E.  Co. E, 17th Inf.
Blanchard, Horatio S.U.S. NavyActing Master 
Blanchard, Joseph H.  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Blanchard, Solomon L.  Co. E, 17th Inf.
Blanchard, William F.  13th Mass. Inf. Reg.
Brown, Albion H.U.S. Navy Sloop of War Powhatten
Bruce, FrederickU.S. Navy Seaman
Bryan, William J.  Co. E, 25th Inf.
Chase, Heber  11th Mass. Inf.
Clough, Simon L.  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Coffin, Rufus  Co. G., 13th Inf.
Copp, John F.  Co. A., 1st Inf.
Davis, Calvin   
Doughty, George H.  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Eaton, Cyrus H.  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Emery, William R.  27th Maine Reg.
Engineer, LongU.S. Navy  
Farwell, Francis O.  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Farwell, Frederick S.  6th Massachusetts Infantry
Farwell, Horace A.  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Farwell, Simeon L.  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Field, Amos L.  25th Maine Reg.
Flint, Leonard  Co. C., 21st Inf.
Gales, JohnU.S. Navy Gulf Squadron
Gould, Samuel  Co. G, 2nd Inf.
Graham, William, Jr.Field & Staff 25th Inf.
Greely, Charles H.  Co. E., 17th Inf.
Greely, Edward Nelson  1st Maine Reg.
Greely, Eliphalet  47th Mass. Inf.
Greely, Horace B.  Co. G, 13th Inf.
Greely, Horatio  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Greely, Rensalear  1st Maine Inf.
Hall, George W.  Co. B., 10th Inf.
Hall, William J.  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Hamilton, Reul D.  Co. E, 25th Inf.
Hamilton, Sylvanus  Co. E, 25th Inf.
Hanby, Thomas  Co. E,, 29th Inf.
Hanley, Thomas   
Heron, Daniel  Co. A, 20th Inf.
Hersey, Albion  Co. B, 17th Inf.
Hiles, Oliver   
Hill, Samuel  Co. I, 27th Inf.
Jenkins, Harrison  1st Mass. Heavy Artillery
Johnson, JohnU.S. Navy Gulf Squadron
Kenton, Robert H.U.S. Navy  
Latham, James F.  Co. B, 25th Inf. Vols.
Latham, Seward H.  Co. G, 5th Inf.
Leighton, Elias F.  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Leighton, Henry H.  6th Inf.
Leighton, Moses W.  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Leighton, Partick H.  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Mansfield, James  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Mansfield, John  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Means, John T.  12th Maine Reg.
Merrill William   
Merrill, Josiah  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Merrill, Louville H.U.S. Navy  
Merrill, William H. C.  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Meserve, Vincent  Co. E, 17th Inf.
Morrill, Josiah, Jr.   
Morrison, John T.  Co. C., 12th Inf.
Morton, Henry B.U.S.Navy Revenue Cutter
Mountford, Otis A.  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Mountfort, Daniel H.  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Mountfort, Hollis R. SergeantCo. B, 25th Inf.
Mountfort, James W.  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Peterson, DavidU.S.Navy  
Pettingill, EdwardU.S.Navy  
Phalon, William  Co. A, 20th Inf.
Pote, Othernial M.U.S.Navy Frigate St. Lawrence
Pride, Charles A.  Co. G, 25th Inf.
Pride, Frederick M.  Co. E, 17th Inf.
Prince, Albert F.  Co. G, 25th Inf.
Prince, Albion C.U.S.Navy  
Prince, Frederick C.  Co. C, 2nd Cavalry
Prince, Howard I.  Co. A, 20th Inf.
Prince, William B.  Co. B, 1st Cavalry
Ramsdell, Seth A.  Co. H, 11th Inf.
Rideout, Joseph M.  Co. B, 17th Inf.
Rideout, Renfrue   
Rideout, Reuben  Co. B, 17th Inf.
Rideout, Royal T.  Co. E, 17th Inf.
Rines, Charles H.  Co. E, 25th Maine Inf.
Ross, William H.  Co. E, 25th Inf.
Rowe, A. N.  25th & 30th Infantries
Sanborn, James  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Sanborn, Josiah  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Shaw, Bryant   
Shaw, Elias  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Skillings, William H.U.S.Navy  
Small, Benjamin  Co. K, 32nd Inf.
Smith, William  Co. A, 20th Inf.
Soule, William S.  13th Mass. Inf.
Sparks, James E.  Co. E, 17th Inf.
Stubbs, Daniel  5th Mounted Artillery
Sweetser, Francis E.  Co. G, 25th Maine Militia
Sweetser, HenryU.S.Navy  
Taylor, Warren  Co. G, 25th Inf.
Thayer, S. B.   
Thompson, George L.  Co. B, 25th Inf.
Trowbridge, John  Co. B, 1st Inf.
True, Hollis  Co. E, 17th Inf.
Vannah, Ambrose  Co. E, 3rd Mass. Reg.
Webster, William   
Wilson, Edward H.  Co. G, 13th Inf.
Wilson, Nathaniel B.  Co. B, 25th Inf. Musician
Winslow, E. H.   
Wixon, John   
Wyman, Charles W.  Co. F, 1st Cavalry