Cumberland Service Plaza


The Maine Turnpike Authority is extending the northbound and southbound acceleration lane lengths at both Cumberland and Gray Service Plazas to improve traffic flow and safety. The existing acceleration lane lengths are currently substandard especially considering the tractor trailer use of the plazas. In addition the shoulders along the service plaza perimeter road where trailer trucks are currently parking will be widened slightly to improve the safety of parking at this location. A fewer truck parking spaces will also being constructed at the Cumberland Service Plaza by paving a location within the existing plaza area that is currently unpaved.

Construction Plan - Shaw Brothers is doing the work on this $1.6 million contract.  Experience indicates that they will hit the project hard.  They are scheduled to start at the end of March and be done in July.  They will have some temporary lane closures so they can saw cut the pavement along the acceleration ramps and set barrier, they plan to have the barrier set by end of the day this Friday.  They plan to work in both Northbound and Southbound at the same time.  There will be some disruption to truck parking at the plazas, meaning the amount of parking will be reduced since they won’t be able to park along the perimeter road.