Conservation Subdivision Committee

The Conservation Subdivision Committee shall review and make recommendations to the Town Council on the following:

  • Consider whether Conservation Subdivision concept should be mandatory in all zones or just the RR1 and RR2 zones.
  • Consider whether the Conservation Subdivision ordinance should have waiver language to address unique hardships or situations in which the goals are not likely to be satisfied.

    1. Utilizing the results of the July, 2014 town-wide citizen survey, a well as the current Comprehensive Plan and other planning committees’ reports, draft a conservation subdivision ordinance.

    2. Determine if the current cluster subdivision ordinance provisions are sufficient to protect the rural character of the town or whether a more restrictive ordinance is needed.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Carla Nixon Town Planner
Christina Silberman Administrative Assistant
Thomas Gruber Town Council Liaison
Peter Sherr Planning Board Liaison

Board Members

Mike Schwindt
Sam York
Paul Auclair
Alan Blanchard
David Carlson
Sally Stockwell